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AUL MKU: Brief story

Considering facts and events that surrounded his birth Tyoor AUL MKU was born in Mbaikyon Yandev South, Gboko local government of Benue state to the family of pa Mku Kumbul Achika in the year 1917. His mother, Ikyaa Ugwari hailed from Tombu, Mbaadi, Buruku local government area of Benue state. He had three siblings; late master Usoo Mku, late Mama Mbawan Nenge and late Mama Angorave Kundu Swem.
He never grow up to see his father watch him being a man; His father died when he was about 20years old. He grew up with his uncle, late Pa Chichi Achika. At that early age he understood in life that hard work and strong will were the hall mark of success. Indeed he exhibited hard work in all ramification of his life, its this endured character trait that that propelled in life for self, mother and sisters, became a man of many generations. His hard work determination and vigour made him to become the Tyoor  of that is the district head of Utabaa, Yadev south, Gboko local government of Benue state.
Chief Aul Mku had no formal western education not because he was not interested in it but because he never had the opportunity. Even with all this miss hap he could read and write in Tiv language, through hardwork and perseverance. That is why he was able to document a lot about his life including the birth of his children and all significant event in his life.
Chief Mku married five wives and had thirty three children
Chief Aul Mku wives are:
1.     Late mama Mbatoor daughter of Achir Ukpe from Mbaya in Buruku LGA (she had three children)
2.     Mama Dever daughter of Ikpavungu from Mbalagh in Buruku LGA (she had 11 children)
3.     Mama Nguvihin daughter of Agbilagh Pivegh  from Kusuv, Buruku LGA (she had 7 children)
4.     Mama Senen daughter of Uger Agenga from Ipav, Gboko LGA (she had 8children)
5.     Mama Movihinze daughter of Orga Bai from Mbatiav, Gboko LGA. ( she had 11 children)
His children from his five wives includes
1.     Mrs Use Urafaga                              daughter (deseased)
2.     Hon Mike Mku                                  son
3.     Mrs Msuan Udele                            daughter
4.     Mrs Ityumbe Akura                          daughter
5.     Mrs Mwuese Agishi                          daughter
6.     Mrs Nyiekende Kwaghve                 daughter
7.     Mrs Apeidoo Songu                           daughter
8.     Mr James Ityoapine Aul Mku            son
9.     Mr Frank k AUL MKU                                son
10.            Mr Terseer AUL MKU                                son
11.            Miss laadi AUL MKU                           daughter (deceased)
12.            Mr. teryima aul mku                          son (deceased)
13.            Engr William Iorember AUL MKU    son
14.            Mr. Iortime Aul Mku                           son
15.            Mr. Terlumun Aul Mku                       son
16.            Mr Orkpe Aul Mku                               son
17.            Mr. oirtimbir aul mku                         son
18.            Mr. agirigi peter aul mku                    son (deceases)
19.            Mr seidu  simon AUL Mku                  son(deceases)
20.            Mr. rubem AUL Mku                            son
21.            Mr. Udoji John Aul Mku                       son (deceases)
22.            Mr. Joseph Aul Mku                              son
23.            Mr. Marcus Maafaan Aul Mku
24.            Mrs Maide Agbugh                               daughter
25.            Mr. Akure Aul Mku                               son
26.            Mrs Kawen Kpayol                                daughter (deceases)
27.            Miss Terumbur Aul Mku                      daughter
28.            Mr. Ordue Aul Mku                                son
29.            Mr. Vaamomu Aul Mku                   son
30.            Master injabo Aul Mku                    son
31.            Mr Abraham Oryina AUL mku         son
32.            Mr. Ikyona AUL MKU                        son
33.            Mrs Shaide Daugter                           daughter

Chief Aul Mku occupation was farming like any other typical Tiv man of his time, this he started from teenage he was very outstanding in farm during his youthful age, he was one of the first Tiv farmers to approached by the ministry of agriculture in the northern Nigeria to introduce cash crops like soybeans, jute, cotton and groundnut. When the Tiv farmer association was formed (a body comprising of all prominent Tiv farmers at that time) consequently he became the first president of the association in his community Yandev.
Chief Aul Mku was endured with natural intelligence and progressive ideas which he deployed in various ways  to enhance peace and unity in his community though he had no western education.
He was appointed by Yandev community to coordinate soybeans marketing in Yandev in 1965. At that time saybeans was one of the cash crops for exports. His activities encouraged more farmer to  engage in farming soybeans in the community and today Yandev community is one of the biggest producers of the commodity with the biggest soybeans market in Benue state. Upon success of his activities in the area, he consequently became the president of Tiv farmer association in Jemgbagh.
In 1966 he compete with the prestigious agricultural show and won the first prize in Yandev and was honoured with the title”Tor sule u Yandev”, meaning the chief of farmers in Yandev. He continue to sustain this leadership in farming for four years later, won the first prize in higher level and was awared the tittle “Tor Sule u Ambor”, Anbor then was a district comprising of Ipav and Yandev communities in Gboko local government area
He was also member of the founding committee for the establishment of some of the educational institutions in his community, worthy of mention are: NKST Nor and RCM Kyado primary schools and Yandev community secondary school.
Chief AUL MKU had strong faith in God. He inculcated the fear of God in his children and lived an exemplary life. Even though he was not baptized in his church NKST because of his number of wives he married and maintained, the church accepted him due to his contribution and dedication in service of God and humanity. This explain why NKST church accorded him Christian rite burial.
Chief Aul Mku a community leader and a celebrity in his local community was also politically incline even without western education, one would have wonder how far he would have gone  if he had western education. Nevertheless the strong determine and vibrant Aul Mku never saw it as an obstacle which made him to contest and was elected in 1977 as councillor representing Yandev council ward in Gboko local government on no party basis. He was therefore, the first Yandev son to be elected democratically in the local government council. A job he did creditably and was able to attract development to his community, one of which was the building of maternity clinic in Tse-akeme. This remain the only government health institution serving the present two district in Yandev.
After serving his tenure as councillor, he did not take active part in partisan politics even though many overtures were made to him at various time to enlist him into parties in his time he prefer the role of a father and a mediator.
Having serve his community in various capacities and not found wanting in any area, he was found worthy and thus elevated  by his community to serve as district head of Utabaa, Yandev south Gboko local government area in 1992. He rendered his selfless serve until he answered the inevitable call of God to glory on 21st march 2012.
Zaki AUL MKU was not known for any illness. Occasionally he complained of pains in his joint and sleepless nights.
On 23rd December 2011, he woke up and suddenly found he could not move his limbs. He was rushed to Atuna clinic in Gboko and test was performed on him found that he was suffering from malaria. He had no blood pressure and his internal organs were good. His condition improved and was discharged on 25th December 2011. On 27th of December his condition degenerated again this time, he was rushed to Federal Medical Centre Makurdi. He was on admission for two weeks and discharged. His condition improved remarkably and continued to improve while at home.
His final moment started however on 20th March 2012 when he woke up and could not move his limbs, lost his speech and refused to eat . he was rush to Federal Medical Centre Makurdi  and was admitted same day. The following day at 9pm he left this world.
By  Francis Udele Grand son

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